At the moment the restaurant das Schick is closed.
Culinary is the Hotel Stefanie, with the restaurant there for you from 25.05.2020.
We are really looking forward to you!

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Fabulous views from the smoking terrace of this Viennese restaurant

Enjoy a pleasant meal and a fabulous view of Vienna while smoking

These days, smoking is forbidden by law in Austrian restaurants. And yet, the need to enjoy a pleasant smoke before or after a meal is as strong as ever. So Das Schick Restaurant in Vienna's 1st city district provides guests with a convenient smoking terrace. Smokers can also enjoy a first-class experience at the gourmet restaurant at the Hotel Am Parkring.

A man is smoking and looking out over the city of Vienna and a woman is sitting and smoking in a chair
Restaurant with smoking terrace and a unique view

Every guest should feel great at Das Schick

At the restaurant "Das Schick", we want all our guests, smokers and non-smokers, to feel at home. For many of our guests, a first-class restaurant experience is not complete without a cigarette afterwards. So we have provided a smoking terrace at our Viennese gourmet restaurant, on the 13th floor of the Hotel Am Parkring. Even though the indoor areas of Das Schick Restaurant are strictly no-smoking, smokers will still be able to enjoy their chosen pastime.

A smoking terrace with fantastic views over Vienna

After enjoying the creative indulgence of a meal at Das Schick Restaurant on the 12th floor of the Hotel Am Parkring, you might fancy a cigar or cigarette to finish. Simply ascend to the next floor, where a comfortably furnished smoking terrace has everything you need. Comfortable seating, the option of little digestif or glass of wine, and the imposing skyline of Vienna's historic city centre spread out below. You won't be able to turn away from the captivating view across the rooftops of Vienna. But if this doesn't give you a delightful feeling of freedom,

The restaurant on Vienna's Ringstrasse offers a real treat to all guests – whether smokers or non-smokers. Send us your table reservation for Das Schick Restaurant in the heart of Vienna!


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Table reservations

„Das Schick“ will be open again from the 28th of August 2020.

Enjoyment over the rooftops of Vienna is waiting for you!

We are really looking forward to welcome you!


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