At the moment the restaurant das Schick is closed.
Culinary is the Hotel Stefanie, with the restaurant there for you from 25.05.2020.
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Viennese fine dining for special occasions

Creative culinary indulgence for Christmas, New Year or before visiting the casino

Das Schick Restaurant on Vienna's Ringstrasse offers guests every possible indulgence. The main focus of the restaurant team is to provide guests with a true delight for all the senses. The experience is completed by the phenomenal view across the rooftops of Vienna – simply breathtaking. Spend an unforgettable evening enjoying the restaurant's exclusive menus and wine selection at Christmas, New Year or before a casino visit. Currently on offer is an exquisite menu, designed to thrill the hearts of passionate gourmands.

Enjoy the culinary highlights of the restaurant high above the rooftops of Vienna

A menu with fine wines above the rooftops of Vienna

The ambience is elegant, the award-winning dishes promise the finest cuisine and a range of fine wines and beverages complete the experience. Choose the menu at this gourmet restaurant in Vienna to enjoy several courses of culinary delight. You will be inspired by the Austrian-Mediterranean creations of head chef Gerasimos Kavalieris. A selection of themed evenings at Das Schick Restaurant set the scene for variety and a range of culinary highlights.

An unforgettable evening in Vienna: dinner & casino

Your evening in the casinos of Vienna will get off to a good start with a meal at the elegant Das Schick Restaurant in the Hotel Am Parkring. The restaurant is located on the 12th floor of the Gartenbauhochhaus, featuring breathtakingly lovely views across the rooftops of Vienna. The exquisite creations featured in the restaurant's four-course menu of Austrian-Mediterranean cuisine will provide the perfect prelude to your visit to Vienna's casinos.

Dinner & Casino:

  • Total cost: €69 per person
  • Your seed money for a casino visit: chips to a value of €20
  • Four "lucky chips" for the chance of an extra win on the same evening
  • A glass of sparkling frizzante, mineral water or orange juice at the casino

The "Dinner & Casino" menu for the Vienna restaurant "Das Schick" is described below:

Christmas decorated restaurant with a view of Christmas Vienna
Celebrate your Christmas party with an incredible view over Vienna


  • Total cost: €182 per person
  • A surprise drink
  • Choice of sweet or savoury dessert
  • Unbelievable Vienna views

Das Schick Restaurant's "Christmas high above the rooftops of Vienna" menu can be found below:


Christmas holidays:

  • Total cost: €133.00 per person
  • Choice of two menus: "Insight" and "Outlook"
  • Traditional holiday desserts
  • Views of Vienna bedecked in Christmas finery

Das Schick Restaurant's menus for "Christmas celebrations in Vienna" are detailed below

New Year's Eve:

  • Total cost: €285 per person
  • A luxury menu of exquisite dishes
  • Selection of complementary beverages
  • View of Vienna's fireworks display

The perfect menu options for "celebrating New Year's Eve with Schick" in Vienna's Das Schick Restaurant are presented below:

Are you convinced and want to enjoy unforgettable delights in the restaurant above the roofs of Vienna before, between and after the special festivities? Reserve your table today!


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Table reservations

„Das Schick“ will be open again from the 28th of August 2020.

Enjoyment over the rooftops of Vienna is waiting for you!

We are really looking forward to welcome you!


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