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In Austria, the best restaurants are awarded points, toques, stars and forks each year. The delicious Austrian-Mediterranean cuisine of Das Schick Restaurant can also take pride in well-earned accolades from the leading gourmet guides. In Autumn 2019, the gourmet restaurant received its third toque from Gault & Millau. Read the reviews here and be impressed by the fine cuisine of head chef Gerasimos Kavalieris and the elegant ambience of the restaurant in the heart of Vienna!

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An outstanding three-toque restaurant with Vienna views

Rating from Gault & Millau: 15/20 points and 3 toques

"The renovation ten years ago turned the 1960s restaurant into a boutique restaurant. The view from the 12th floor is magnificent. In the kitchen, the concept of an Austro-Spanish fusion was pursued for a long time, which has now given way to a generally modern Mediterranean cuisine. You can decide between two menus from which you can choose the dishes as you wish. Chef Gerasimos Kavalieris addresses the idea of ​​“Mont y Mar” in both, for example in the form of a razor clam tartare on a pumpkin flan, sot-l'y-laisse, bergamot jelly and poured pumpkin cream, a wonderful dish with pumpkin and bergamot dominate. Crispy turbot fillet is combined with buttery baby artichokes, puree with alpine caviar and a pig's head praline - good in taste, if a little overloaded. Bergschecken beef is served in three forms - roasted Beiriedschnitte, braised shoulder sacks, breaded head meat cuts - accompanied by a variation of mushrooms, breadcrumbs and shallots. The wine list is manageable, but offers interesting things from all over Europe. The service is warm and the price level is high."

89 points in the Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2020

"Enjoy creatively and with all your senses - this motto is now being lived intensively in the "Das Schick" restaurant. The overwhelming panoramic view over the roofs of the city of Vienna from the 12th floor of the Hotel Am Parkring, where “Das Schick” is located, invites you to take flight as soon as you enter the newly designed restaurant. The ambience is »cool«, but not chilly, but characterized by an inviting interplay of elegant interiors and high-quality materials in harmonious berry red and gray, paired with warm wood tones. Pleasant background music, solid tableware and the charming service staff invite you to linger and relax."

A la Carte rating

"Top floor restaurant with great views. Chef Gerasimos Kavalieris is very ambitious and inventive, and is constantly looking for the next spectacular combination."

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How did guests find the food at "Das Schick"? What did they think of the restaurant experience? Read some Tripadvisor reviews to help you form an impression of the gourmet restaurant on Vienna's Ringstrasse.

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